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Case Study 1
Limited Company

March 2010
This company couldn’t talk to their current accountant, didn’t understand what he was trying to explain to them and were too embarrassed to ask as they didn’t want him to think they were ‘stupid’.
They couldn’t understand their Quick Books System which meant that they could only get a monthly sales figure by adding up on their calculator all the invoices they had sent out that month. Not only that, but their Quick Books System wasn’t set up to report how much they had spent each month so they had no idea how much money they were making or losing. Their bank account never balanced and they could not provide management reports for their Invoice Discounting company.
This meant that the directors were constantly propping the business up with their personal credit cards and getting themselves into personal financial difficulty because they did not understand where they were going wrong with their business.

March 2012
We have helped them to:
• Prepare Accurate monthly management accounts which they understand.
• Restructured their Business.
• Review operating costs in details and renegotiate with their suppliers so that the
business is now profitable.
• The Directors are now making affordable monthly repayments on their personal
credit cards so their personal debt is reducing.
• The Directors are having regular meaningful monthly management meetings with us which
they look forward to and they now understand their numbers and are excited about
taking their business forward.

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